Integrative Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the website of acupuncturist Thomas Martin LAc. Thomas treats patients at NW and SE locations in Portland, Oregon.


Thomas has over 30 years experience as an acupucturist. He began studying Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1988 and has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Portland, Oregon since 1994.

Through work both in public health and Integrative Medicine clinics he has developed considerable clinical expertise.
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This includes treatment of a wide variety of pain conditions such as motor vehicle and sports injuries, limb, back and neck pain and chronic pain such as arthritis, headache, abdominal pain. Also, since 1995, he has used acupuncture and clinical nutrition in the treatment of adjunctive cancer care, MS, hepatitis C, and insomnia.
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Partnership with, and support for clients in their healing process, collaboration with other healthcare professionals, and affordability are central to Thomas Martin’s healthcare practice.

He strives to use simple, clear contemporary medical language when communicating with clients and healthcare providers.


Major insurance plans such as Kaiser, Providence, ODS and others accepted.

Appointments and Inquiries:


Ph: 503-227-0350

2230 NW Pettygrove St., Unit 110 Portland, Oregon 97210
Phone: 503-227-0350
Fax: 503-227-0745
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To inquire about his availability at other locations, please call Thomas Martin directly
at 503-784-7021.

More Testimonials

My primary care physician has been suggesting that I try acupuncture for muscle pain for years. I have had lots of massages which didn't really help at all. I've experienced inumberable chiropractic adjustments which help to some degree. Then I finally tried acupuncture. Nothing has worked as well to alleviate my pain levels. Thomas has a way of sensing where the pain is radiating from and has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend him! (And the needles really don't hurt.)

- Janet Wright

Tom Martin LAc. has been an outstanding resource here for 10 years (Oregon City Wellness clinic) helping us treat many chronic and acute painful conditions that often haven't responded to medical therapies. He has an excellent bedside manner and is very oriented toward evidence-based medicine, he keeps a very active interest in the latest data coming out of acupuncture research.

- William C. Barth M.D. PC

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