Frequently Asked Questions

What Does An Acupuncture Treatment Feel Like?

There may be a slight pinch or mild soreness as the needle passes through the skin. Often however there is little or no feeling due to the extreme fineness of the needles used (e.g. 0.18 mm width).

Various indications that the acupoint is activated may occur at the needle site, or elsewhere in the body, even in areas not directly connected to the nerve being stimulated.
 Some examples are: feelings of warmth, heaviness, temporary numbness, or a brief twinge, ache or electric sensation as well as numerous subtle sensations.

If soreness occurs it is fleeting in duration and most people easily accommodate any brief discomfort that may occasionally arise. A small number of people can be especially sensitive to this procedure, and in their case fewer and finer needles with less stimulation are used.

Thomas is skilled at accommodating individual sensitivity while obtaining enough acupoint stimulus for the best treatment outcome. For most people acupuncture treatment is a pleasantly positive experience.

Are results temporary?

Long-lasting effects depend on the overall health of the person being treated and the heal ability of their condition. One study showed improvements after a series of acupuncture treatments to last the length of the study - at least 3 years.

After reviewing your health history and noting response to one or two treatments your acupuncturist can clarify this question with you.

How Long Does A Treatment Last?

Acupuncture treatment usually lasts 10 to 20 minutes, during which time the patient rests on a comfortable treatment table. Many people experience deep relaxation during this time.

What is integrative acupuncture?

Integrative acupuncture is a contemporary evidence-based treatment uniquely suited to modern integrative medicine. It utilizes the language and clear understanding of modern medicine, is simple, effective and is easily understood by all providers. It is continually updated by research and clinical experience of practitioners worldwide.

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